Whether you need an all-in-one video conferencing solution, interactive collaboration tools, or modular meeting room solutions, room managed services are becoming increasingly popular.

Understanding the Shift to Room Managed Services

Even as companies have called workers back to the office, attendance is still about 30% lower than it was before the pandemic. This rise of remote and hybrid work environments increases the need for effective communication. Organizations need more efficient meeting room solutions to drive productivity and efficiency.

Communication must be easy-to-use and leverage modern workplace tools to foster collaboration. As such, companies are increasingly turning to room managed services to avoid downtime or inefficient meeting room solutions.

Advantages of Room Managed Services

The managed service model provides significant benefits across your organization such as:

Improved Communication and Collaboration

You get seamless business communication and collaboration with room managed services. With integration with your preferred tools, you can streamline workflow in a cohesive work environment. Whether your team members work on-site, remotely, or in a distributed workforce, everyone can work together.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops or be worried about whether things are ready to go. You need simple solutions that just plain work. Managed meeting rooms streamline the management process and reduce the burden on IT staff — empowering them to focus on other critical tasks. This increased efficiency produces improved productivity across the organization.

Enhanced Security

Security has become more important than ever with data breaches reaching record highs again last year and showing no signs of slowing down this year. Managed service providers will have the latest resources dedicated to security. While sharing sensitive information, you can rest assured that your data is safe and complying with industry regulations — reducing your risk of data breaches.

24/7 Access to Expertise

Room managed services provide you with access to technology-specific experts. You can ensure your room solution is managed effectively and always kept up-to-date with the latest technological advancements.

Easy Scalability

As your organization grows, room solutions may also need to evolve. With a managed service provider, you can scale services as you need them to meet changing needs. This lets you pay for what you need now with the ability to scale as needed in the future, ensuring your room solutions are always managed effectively.

Technology Updates

Through management, your managed service providers will make sure your technology is running the latest versions of software and firmware. This ensures you have the most up-to-date tech without any additional effort or expense. It also decreases the risk of security breaches from threat actors exploiting known gaps in unpatched software.

User Experience

With consistent performance, you also get a better user experience. Using the same conferencing and collaboration tools, user interfaces, and standard features, you get a uniform experience that makes it easier for everyone.

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The Cost-Effectiveness of Room Managed Services

Managed services are an extremely cost-effective way for businesses to tap into specialized talent to ensure peak performance from your technology. With skilled teams providing monitoring and expertise whenever needed, you can reduce the workload for IT teams. You also reduce infrastructure costs and get software patches and upgrades included.

Recent research estimates that switching to managed services results in cost savings of 25-45%, although many organizations see significantly greater ROI.

It also accelerates technology adoption. Expert managed service providers know the technology already, allowing organizations to accelerate their digital transformation. This produces faster results and improves business outcomes. A room managed service provider will also employ best practices, reducing costly errors in integration or utilization.

Embrace the Future of Collaboration with Room Managed Services

Room managed services let you embrace the technology you need without the worry of management. IT managers should evaluate these managed services as their solution to foster greater collaboration and peak efficiency without adding yet another burden onto IT teams.

Consider Yorktel as your preferred room managed service provider. We are experts in creating, managing, and maintaining a modern workplace to streamline workflow and increase business efficiency.

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