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Yorktel VideoKiosk

Customer service involving secure data exchange used to require an in-person visit. Now the same face-to-face interaction is achievable remotely with Yorktel’s VideoKiosk.

An innovative and easy-to-use solution, the kiosk enables your customers to contact your Customer Service Center without travel, while maintaining the benefits of a live meeting. It delivers high quality video for natural interaction and incorporates secure information exchange. Supported by Yorktel VideoCloud services, the kiosks are fast to deploy and user-friendly, allowing you to improve efficiency and productivity while retaining a high level of service.

Yorktel Video Kiosks are regionally distributed at your offices or public locations convenient to your customers, while agent stations can reside at Customer Service Center or operations support locations.

Kiosk Components include:
  • Dual 22″ touch displays in a secure enclosure (Customer Kiosk)
  • Agent Workstation houses the VideoKiosk Application and other company applications
  • Standards-based, reliable Telepresence system infrastructure
  • Telephone handset for customers and USB Headset for Agent provides high quality audio interaction
  • HD camera on Agent and Customer kiosks to capture and exchange video
  • Document Scanner for scanning documents and any completed forms
  • Monochrome printer to print documentation
  • Electronic Signature Pad

Yorktel VideoKiosk Application

Developed to enhance the collaboration between the Client and Agent, the VideoKiosk enables:

  • The integration of a Customer Website to support the Kiosk
  • Provides a listing of services at the Kiosk that the Client selects to initiate a session with an Agent
  • The main collaboration control given to the Agent to manage the session with the Kiosk
  • Photo capture, sizing, and approval of the Client’s photo
  • Capture of the client’s signature
  • Review of session documents including printing at the Kiosk

Security Features

Security and information protection is ensured on hardware and software levels:

  • Physical Security – The PC is in a locked enclosure in the Kiosk
  • Keyboards and mice are not present or active in Kiosk mode
  • USB ports are disabled for storage media and there is no CD/DVD drive
  • The operator system shell is replaced by kiosk software and there is no standard window shell without administrator privilege
  • Kiosk information is transmitted to the Agent machine; not written to the Kiosk appliance
  • Encrypted Data connections and file saving only available to Agent


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