Microsoft Teams Voice solutions are a great way to expand your Microsoft Teams capabilities to include the making and receiving of Voice Calls directly in Teams a reality.

However, cloud-based phone systems often have restricted functionality and integration options. In addition, cloud-based Calling Plans can suffer from limited failover capabilities.

What’s the best option for your Teams Voice solution?

Fortunately, Yorktel customers have a few options when it comes to Microsoft Teams Voice calling.

Yorktel’s MS Teams consultants can facilitate your implementation of Microsoft Calling Plans, or Microsoft Direct Routing with the option of an owned or Hosted SBC (with our Microsoft Teams Voice Connector).

Read on to learn more about the choices available with Microsoft Teams Voice calling.




Azure Hosted SBC for Direct Routing in Teams

  • Make and receive PSTN calls in Microsoft Teams
  • Hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud
  • Subscription based OPEX Model
  • One day Set-up Option
  • Simplify and Unify your Global Phone System
  • Includes Monitoring & Management of SBC
  • $0.99/£0.99 per user per month*


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*$0.99/£0.99 per user per month. One time set fee applies. Minimum contract 12 months. Local & long distance calling and regulatory charges where applicable are not included.



For many organizations, Microsoft Teams is already an integral part of their user workflows.

Video, productivity tools, messaging and real time collaboration are all part of Microsoft Teams, however making Voice a part of Teams too, has so far not been achieved. 

Microsoft Teams Calling will simplify and unify your global phone system, but with many options available, you need to understand what this will mean to your organization.

Learn how in our whitepaper, “Microsoft Teams Calling for the Modern Workplace & Worker”

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Key Benefits of Microsoft Teams Voice:

Microsoft Calling Plans

A Microsoft Calling plan is an add-on telephone service that, when combined with Phone System in Office 365, can become the voice solution for your entire organization. Microsoft Calling Plans provide a primary phone number to make and receive phone calls.

Yorktel’s IT Lifecycle Services consultants understand the nuances of the Microsoft Calling Plans and can help you determine which plan best meets your business objectives. We can help preserve your existing phone numbers and provide comparative pricing analysis for implementing voice services through Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft’s Direct Routing in Teams

Microsoft Direct Routing allows customers to connect their telecom carrier services directly to Office 365, so users can make and receive calls. It also provides interoperability options between the Microsoft Teams Phone System and 3rd party systems such as PBXs, call centers, and Analog Telephony Adaptors (ATA), helping preserve key investments.

Yorktel has been configuring Direct Routing since its inception. Our experts can navigate its complexities and ensure best practices for 3rd party solution interoperability. Also, our subscription-based Teams Voice Connector, Hosted SBC Service is available globally as an alternative if you prefer not to purchase, install, maintain, and support your own SBC in the Direct Routing Configuration. Teams Voice Connector is a 100% cloud-based service hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud that gives you all of the simplicity and flexibility of Direct Routing in Teams Voice to make and receive PSTN calls.

Microsoft Business Voice 365

Microsoft Business Voice 365 is built for small to medium businesses and allows organizations to unify calling, chat and meetings into one application. 

With an enterprise-grade phone system, built-in audio conferencing and calling plans that allow you to keep existing numbers or migrate to new ones, organizations can enjoy simplified communications all within Microsoft Teams.

Teams Voice Connector

Explore Yorktel’s Teams Voice Connector as an additional voice option within a Teams environment.

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