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Telehealth Consultancy

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Telehealth Consultancy

Industry-specific expertise backed by comprehensive technical proficiency.

Whether you are taking the first steps toward exploring a telehealth program, expanding your existing program, or resetting a program that needs to be resuscitated, a telehealth consultant can make the difference between success and failure in your endeavor.

Yorktel’s Telehealth Consultancy can provide guidance and expertise from start to finish of your telehealth initiative. Our intimate knowledge of healthcare ecosystems and their associated business drivers can help you avoid the potential pitfalls and costly oversights that may sink an initiative lacking proper guidance.

Learn more about how our Change Management practice can enhance your telehealth program implementation.

Our Telehealth Consultancy focuses on (but is not limited to) four specific areas critical to telehealth:


We understand the intricacies of platform, software, hardware, 3rd Party Integration, and all the other nuts and bolts which comprise the IT environment of a successful telehealth program. Our consultants can advise you on what technologies you need for your new and/or existing IT environment, why you need them, how they will enhance your telehealth program, and how to manage and maintain them.

Clinical Workflows

The Univago HE video-enablement platform facilitates nearly limitless clinical workflows. From TeleICU continuous patient monitoring to Scheduled Outpatient Virtual Consults, our consultants can demonstrate how the platform enhances these workflows, generating efficiencies which can positively impact your ROI.

Clinical Training

Once your new telehealth program has been implemented, expanded or updated, user adoption is key to keeping it humming along. Training your staff and eliminating any fear of the new technologies will facilitate a seamless transition. This is a critical component of your program’s success, particularly since your patients’ health are literally at stake. Our consultants can ensure your clinicians, nurses, doctors, and any other team members understand how to use your new technologies and processes to their best advantage.

Change Management

Yorktel’s Change Management team follows a tried and true process designed to manage the experience of our customers’ digital workplace transformation. Thanks to our specific expertise in healthcare, we have customized this process to address the specific needs of healthcare providers. Our Change Management team avoids a “one-size-fits-all” approach and instead, provides the hands-on, individual guidance our healthcare customers need to experience a positive digital workplace transition from beginning to end.

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