Telehealth Applications

Telehealth Applications

Telehealth Applications

Univago HE™ Telehealth Applications

Enhancing multiple clinical workflows through telehealth technologies.

The Univago HE™ Platform leverages a combination of software and hardware specifically designed to facilitate healthcare providers’ clinical workflows.

The video-enablement process is straightforward: the attending clinician uses the Clinician Interaction Web App or iObserver App to interact with the Wall-Mounted Video Conferencing Systems and Mobile Carts. This process enables video capabilities that support exceptional patient observation and allow for escalation per patient needs.
In addition, Univago HE’s APIs and SDKs allow integration with clinical front-end software. This allows Yorktel to partner with telehealth industry leaders and in turn, broaden the range of applications healthcare providers can select to streamline their specific clinical workflows.

This winning combination of components, process and partnerships enable video which has nearly limitless potential to enhance telehealth programs.

These are just a few of the applications that Univago HE supports.

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