Device as a Service Providers (DaaS)

Optimizing & Connecting the Modern Desktop

Today’s internal IT teams are often overwhelmed with the sheer volume of device-related tasks. Between software updates, temperamental hardware, and help desk requests, it’s no wonder that corporate initiatives can be stalled by IT time required to address these myriad issues.

Yorktel’s Device as a Service (DaaS) model, a Technology as a Service offering, puts those hours back into your IT team’s day, taking the burden of device-related tasks off their plate and freeing them up to focus on your primary business objectives. As a DaaS provider, our suite of services gives you a single source for all your device and peripheral needs, from initial technology selection to final disbursement.


Yorktel’s creative approach to financing for our entire Technology as a Service program is a significant differentiator, demonstrating our desire to help our customers obtain the right technology at the right cost structure for their business.

Our Device as a Service offering can streamline your technology acquisition model and empower your organization by providing access to powerful and collaborative technology solutions.

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Key Benefits of Partnering with a Device as a Service Provider

Empowering You with the Modern Desktop

DaaS providers put all the advantages of the Modern Desktop right in your teams’ hands, giving them access at the individual level to the technologies they need to be successful. The Modern Desktop empowers each employee with integrated email, voicemail, IM/presence, integration into customer applications such as CRM, and much more.

Preconfigured, Personalized Devices, Out-of-the-Box

As part of your Device as a Service contract, we pre-configure your devices with your select corporate images and branding, for a simplified out-of-the-box experience. Yorktel’s Device as a Service model also shifts the typical corporate investment from a linear experience to a cyclical one. For example, we may start working with a customer on End of Life services, collecting the devices and wiping their existing data. We then put the device on the refurbish market, split the profits with the customer, and use those funds to offset the purchase of new laptops – traditionally the first step of the sales cycle.

Extensive Menu of Products and Peripherals

The benefits of DaaS include access to a vast catalog of devices and their associated peripherals, so you can select your technologies from the brands of your choice. Our DaaS offering accommodates all endpoints (including AV),  and includes the latest desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones in a vendor-agnostic arrangement so we can mix and match OEM products.

In addition, you will receive access to a personal DaaS provider, giving you a single point of contact and eliminating the need for pricing negotiations with multiple vendors. You won’t need to purchase in bulk to reduce costs or work with different suppliers when you need support.

Enhanced Productivity Features

As part of our DaaS offering, most devices have Windows 10 installed, which includes countless features designed to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. At a high level, these features help you work smarter and faster, (Edge, Enterprise Search, Cortana or Timeline) they encourage collaboration, (Whiteboard, OneNote, Nearby Sharing) and they strengthen workstyles (Accessibility, Ink, 3D). These are just a few of the many benefits Windows 10 can bring to your business.

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