AV as a Service (AVaaS)

Unified Managed AV Services for Businesses

In the past, AV managed service offerings for businesses required cumbersome on-premise equipment, costly on-site management, and ate up extensive IT team time to rectify delays, feedback, echoes, poor display quality, blurry visuals, poor volume control, and more.

Thanks to the shift from on-premise equipment to cloud-based audio visual solutions, Yorktel’s AV as a Service (AVaaS), a Technology as a Service offering, provides a remedy to these challenges through a comprehensive suite of managed AV services. Its inherent financial benefits, scalability, and supportive IT Lifecycle Services make it an appealing choice for forward-thinking organizations.

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Key Benefits of AV as a Service

Uncover Value from Your Depreciating AV Hardware

AVaaS is a financially and environmentally friendly way to offset the depreciation of your existing AV hardware. As with all the Technology as a Service offerings, AVaaS offers an appealing financial model that allows you to use OpEx rather than CapEx dollars to pay for subscription-based audio visual services, rather than a hefty up-front investment.

AV as a Service Frees Up Time with Less On-Premise Management

Yorktel’s AV as a Service allows your enterprise AV solution to be managed primarily from the cloud. Your IT teams no longer need to spend unnecessary time fixing the myriad issues common to on-premise AV solutions. The shift to the cloud will allow for scalability and remote management, freeing up time to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Unique AV as a Service Expertise for Outstanding Enterprise AV Solutions

Yorktel’s longtime expertise in the Audio Visual services realm uniquely qualifies us to integrate AV products and solutions specific to your organizational needs. We craft unified AV managed service offerings for businesses that are made up of more than just “off-the-shelf” components. Our AV Managed Services enable organizations to personalize their AV experiences by facilitating meetings with remote team members, enlivening interactions, and enriching relationships throughout your corporate culture — culminating in a large-scale personal impact on your organization.

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