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Today’s visionary, productivity, communication, and collaboration tools are undeniably transformative. Forward-thinking companies are launching Digital Transformation initiatives, recognizing the opportunity to shift from limited, outdated means of information-sharing to a collaborative model that aligns with the revolutionary demands of today’s modern workforce. To achieve this, these companies are leveraging digital transformation services offered by consulting firms like us to execute on deriving the most amount of value from this shift.

IT Expertise Across Your Technology Ecosystem

Yorktel can provide you with the guidance you need to achieve your Digital Transformation vision. Our carefully crafted solutions and digital transformation services can empower your workforce to operate at peak performance and deliver consistent value to your customers.

Yorktel’s Enterprise IT Digital Consulting Services bring together Enterprise Collaboration Solutions and Managed Services into a cohesive ecosystem that enhances both individual and group work styles and activities. Our AV Integration expertise brings your vision to life, and our Technology as a Service business model gets you the technology you need in an appealing, flexible financial structure. Digital Transformation Consulting Firms like Yorktel offer a robust suite of services that are structured to compliment one another.

“Sixty-seven percent of LE [large enterprise] CIOs plan to grow their IT headcount in 2023 by at least 10% to support their enterprise’s digital initiatives.” (Source)

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Fueling Team and Group Collaboration

Yorktel facilitates the Microsoft Modern Workplace by creating spaces that:

  • Drive enterprise collaboration in a group or team setting
  • Provide a shared space that promotes co-creation
  • Facilitate collective and thoughtful design

Yorktel’s extensive collection of Modern Workplace technologies provides the agility to accommodate multiple personalities, work styles, workplaces, and devices.

Enterprise Collaboration in the Cloud

Unified Communications terminology is trending towards Intelligent Communications, reflecting the evolution of IoT. Intelligent Communications put today’s collaboration tools in the cloud, where the five generations comprising today’s diverse workforce can access them quickly and easily. We connect this broad spectrum of users with Enterprise Collaboration, AV Integration, and IT Managed Services, using the suite of tools that flow from the Microsoft Modern Workplace.

Intelligent Spaces and the IoT

An Intelligent Digital Workplace solution uses technologies such as AI, room-booking technology, and sensors as part of the broader IoT collaboration ecosystem to create groups of Intelligent Collaboration Spaces. It leverages IoT to know when you enter/exit a defined space or seamlessly transition between space types while allowing you to access your favorite tools while mobile and remote.

Driving Personal Collaboration

Digital workplace solutions address technology enablement at the individual level, facilitating multidimensional personal collaboration straight from the desktop. This includes integrated employee email, voicemail, IM/presence, integration into customer applications, and much more. Learn More »

Comprehensive Consulting Expertise

Yorktel’s Digital Transformation Services provide the consulting expertise you need to guide your IT initiative from start to finish, and every stage in-between. These services differentiate Yorktel by making our solutions and services much more than just the sum of their parts.