Many of today’s businesses struggle with organizational silos that use multiple, non-integrated technologies to achieve divergent business objectives. The resulting insulated work structures often prevent departments from sharing information rather than encouraging inter-departmental collaboration.

Yorktel’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), a Technology as a Service (TaaS) solution, unifies the communications tools employees use every day. The ensuing “de-siloed” effect on the new shared technologies facilitates intelligent communications and streamlines workflows across the organization.



Enterprise UC&C can play a critical role in improving how a business communicates and influences prospects, customers, business partners, stakeholders, and even its own workforce.

Successful organizations distinguish themselves by their ability to collaborate with these groups on projects and ideas across geographies and time zones.

Work is defined as an activity, not a place.

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Key Benefits of UCaaS

Presence Tools Promote Responsiveness

Unified Communications presence tools empower the workforce to respond more quickly and effectively than non-integrated communications solutions. UCaaS users can see a colleague’s availability and make more intelligent decisions – like sending that colleague an instant message regarding an urgent issue based on that person’s availability status. This insight reduces the “human latency” factor, streamlining communications and workflows between departments.

Streamline Your IT Operations

The Technology as a Service model streamlines your IT operations, taking routine day-to-day tasks off your IT team’s plate so they can invest time in revenue-generating activities. Because it is cloud-based, your users can connect to the services you need anytime, from anywhere. Also, the “as a Service” financial structure allows you to pay for your technology based on your user consumption, flexing up or down as their needs change. This agility benefits both your users and your bottom line, making UCaaS a great choice for companies on the path of Digital Transformation.

Yorktel UCaaS Eliminates Communications Barriers

Today’s tools and technologies are as diverse and varied as the people using them. This diversity can cause integration challenges and interfere with productivity. Unified Communications as a Service eliminates the barriers to communications by spanning the silos of video, voice presence, email, BYOD, and more, facilitating connectivity throughout your organization and enabling true collaboration between individuals, groups, and teams.


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