Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Consulting

Single Solution Access Control Across the Entire Enterprise

The Modern Workforce consists of diverse and dispersed end-users, with every individual reflecting their own unique work profile. Keeping users, groups and devices synced across the enterprise is a top priority for businesses seeking to keep their data secure and accessible throughout the organization.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD), a member of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products, is a comprehensive cloud solution featuring a standards-based platform that keeps end-users synchronized and up-to-date. Our Active Directory consultants will ensure that the resulting efficiencies generate ROI throughout your technology ecosystem.

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Key Benefits of Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Solutions:

Centralized Control for Simplified Management

Azure Active Directory solutions combine core directory services, application access management, and identity governance, giving developers centralized policies and rules for delivering access control to their apps. These capabilities empower your IT team to sync users, groups, and devices in a simplified, manageable process.

Secure Remote Access

The Microsoft Azure modern workplace provides secure remote access to on-premises SaaS applications (including thousands of pre-integrated SaaS apps) using single sign-on access. Microsoft Azure Active Directory’s multi-factor authentication policies allow application access security for both on-premises and cloud apps. This convenience is extremely appealing in today’s “work anytime from anywhere” Modern Workplace culture. Users can access all the apps they need without having to remember multiple passwords, in a secure manner, even while remote.

Offload IT Micro-Tasks

Microsoft Azure Active Directory includes a self-service password reset feature, allowing users to create a new password if/when they have forgotten theirs. This feature saves tremendous time and effort for your IT team, eliminating the countless trouble-tickets generated by this universal problem and freeing up your IT team time to attend to more pressing, large-scale initiatives.

With guidance from Yorktel Active Directory consultants, your IT team’s time can be freed up to attend to more pressing, large-scale initiatives.

Key Benefits of Microsoft Azure AD Solutions:

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