Teams Phone Connector

Azure Hosted SBC for Direct Routing in Teams

Teams Voice Connector gives you all of the simplicity and flexibility of Direct Routing in Teams Voice to make and receive PSTN calls, but without the need and cost to either subscribe to a Microsoft Calling Plan or to purchase, configure and maintain your own SBC (Session Border Controller.) There is the added flexibility to leverage your existing telecom provider for your PSTN trunk, or alternatively use Yorktel’s SIP Trunk service.

As a 100% cloud based service, hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, within Microsoft’s Global Net, your Voice call will have the shortest and highest quality path to Teams, resulting in a high audio fidelity call. The Teams Voice Connector Service remains transparent to the End User who will experience a successful Voice call to/from a PSTN number in Teams, from the device and location of their choice.

As a subscription-based service there is increased flexibility and interoperability with third party systems, but without any additional costs such as software updates, help desk support staff or the need for your own additional redundancy options, all of which are a costly burden on resources, especially if you are still maintaining a legacy, on-premise PBX to enable Voice.

Combined with Yorktel’s Microsoft Practice, over four decades of experience of configuring Direct Routing and our Managed Services, to enable the migration of Voice services and the ongoing monitoring and management of your Teams Voice experience, your organization will be able to eliminate on-premise, legacy hardware and transform your Voice services to a simple, cost-effective solution as an integral part of your Teams workflows.

Teams Voice saves 1.25 hours per week, per employee.

Teams Calling saves 1.25 hours per week per employee, on average, and has a payback period of less than 6 months after going live.

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Key Benefits of Teams Voice Connector

Hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

Yorktel’s Teams Voice Connector is 100% cloud-based and is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, meaning zero hops to get from Teams, which is also in Azure, to our SBC, both within Microsoft’s Global Net Zero hops means the shortest and highest quality path to Teams, giving improved lip sync, low latency and high through-put, resulting in a high audio fidelity call and an improved End User Experience.

With our multitenant approach, not only do we offer very competitive pricing, but also redundancy options, increasing reliability and capacity with duplication of critical components/functions.

Subscription-Based OPEX Model

Unlike calling plans, Teams Voice Connector is based on the number of concurrent calls across the users you would like to enable, instead of paying per user user per month. As well as good value, this also provides increased flexibility, enabling subscriptions to be extended to accommodate busy periods and increased usage.

The end-to-end subscription service also includes 24x7x365 help desk support, reducing what can be a costly burden on resources to support and maintain Voice services “in-house”.

Flexibility and Agility for Deployment, including One day Set-up Option

Without the need for you to purchase an SBC, deployment time is dramatically reduced – we are able to set up your Teams Voice within our Hosted SBC within the day. The advantages do not stop there – with ongoing support, software updates, maintenance and service up-time all taken care of by Yorktel’s 24x7x365 Global Help desk.

Simplify and Unify your Global Phone System

By choosing a partner such as Yorktel, with vast UC experience and a deep understanding of Microsoft Teams not only for Voice, but Video and Workflows too, we will remove the complexities of deploying Teams Voice and simplify your User Experience.

Teams Voice Connector enables interoperability with third party systems such as paging systems and legacy phone systems and also allows you to maintain your global footprint.

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