Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking

Integrate and manage your Cisco Meraki Cloud through a consolidated dashboard.

Yorktel’s Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking solution provides simple and scalable security policies to segment your user traffic, keeping your data safe so you can collaborate without limits.

Smart Meraki Networking that’s Easy to Manage

Cisco Meraki is managed via a cloud-based dashboard that boasts powerful multi-site management tools for both wired and wireless networking hardware. The centralized and intuitive dashboard shows your business networks, including wireless and switching, under a single pane of glass. This simplified dashboard enables zero-touch provisioning for rapid deployment of your Cisco Meraki cloud products.

Because Yorktel can deploy Cisco Meraki products with great speed, network administrators can manage and identify faults remotely with minimal on-site visits. This in turn saves time and reduces management costs. The Meraki dashboard can also reveal deep network insights that enable smarter network management.

Scalable to Match Your Organization’s Rate of Growth

Your business network needs to be able to scale at pace with your organizational growth without compromising on security or performance. Cisco Meraki’s Layer 3 switches simplify expansion, reduce congestion within your business network, and provide redundancy for mission-critical environments.

Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking generates benefits for all business sizes from enterprise-level to SMBs. Its scalability and ability to adapt to your organizational needs can empower multiple tiers within your organization, from SMEs to the upper echelon executives.

Comprehensive Cisco Meraki Managed Services

Yorktel can provide a full suite of Managed Services across both the Network, IT and Collaboration portfolios. Our services include full end-to-end visibility of your entire next generation network environment.

Cisco’s Meraki Cloud administrative portals enable us to manage and maintain your entire Cisco Meraki network through a single pane of glass. In addition, we provide customers with a single point of contact for all requirements, offering a faster, more efficient issue resolution.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking

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What are Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking solutions?

Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking solutions refer to the suite of cloud-managed IT solutions offered by Cisco Meraki. These include wireless, security, switching, EMM, and security cameras, all of which can be managed centrally via the web.

Why do I need Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking?

Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking simplifies the process of network management. Its cloud-based solutions allow for easy scalability, centralized control, and reduced complexity. It also provides robust security features, ensuring your network and data are protected.

What are the key benefits of using Cisco Meraki Networking?

Key benefits include simplified network management, enhanced security, improved network performance, and the ability to scale easily. Additionally, its cloud-based nature allows for real-time updates and changes without the need for traditional network infrastructure.

How can Cisco Meraki Networking help improve network performance and reliability?

Cisco Meraki networking uses cloud optimization to ensure reliable network performance. It provides tools for bandwidth management and application control, ensuring optimal performance. Its cloud-based nature also allows for seamless updates, ensuring reliability and uptime.

How does Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking enhance security across my network?

Cisco Meraki provides robust security features such as intrusion detection and prevention, advanced malware protection, content filtering, and secure VPN connectivity. Its centralized management also allows for real-time visibility and control, enhancing the security of your network.