Yorktel_3keys_BlogWith today’s busy marketplace of Service Providers adding Video Solutions to their portfolio of offerings, being first to market does count – maybe more now than ever before.  Once your solution offering is roadmapped, though, how do you get to market quickly when the internal process itself can take months?  Just having a launch process built and tested can require a three-week lead time, and getting through the marketing reviews can take weeks, given the flow of content documents and reviews with marketing.

The lengthy timeline can also be due to processes being built on technologies that require testing, and longer lead times to market.  You may also be accustomed to perfecting a product before it reaches the point of general availability.  Whatever the case may be, the standard processes need to change in order to generate success in the marketplace.

Among the key secrets we’ve uncovered in succeeding in getting to market faster may sound simple, but it works.  You don’t necessarily have to do every step of your usual launch process completely.  For example, instead of doing a full series of customer interviews, you only pick one or two key customers that you know will give you good feedback.  For the beta, you just need to get the customer a functional product.  If the product includes software, then only the software needs to function.  Look-and-feel components can be added at any time either during or after the beta.

Your product may not have every feature and function right at launch.  You may need to look at the product and determine what is essential to have at launch, and what can be added at a later release.  Either way, time is of the essence when you are working outside the normal product release rules.

This insight is just part of the key secrets we have offered in our full-length brochure: 3 Key Secrets to Getting Ahead of Internal Process for Launch.  Our key secrets can help open the door to your Video Solution success.  Download your own copy today.