One of the biggest challenges facing the IT industry today is overcoming the lack of diversity of its workforce. 

The industry remains heavily male dominated, with women holding only 27.2% of all roles in the tech sector, according to Gitnux. Minorities also remain woefully underrepresented, with only 35% of US tech workers identifying as Black, Asian or Latinx. 

The Significance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in IT

The benefits of DEI are clear. When your workforce is composed of people from a variety of different backgrounds, it fosters an environment of innovation. Employee retention and engagement improves. DEI practices also widen the employee talent pool, enhance decision making, and cultivate a positive reputation.

These changes don’t happen on their own. They require strong leaders that believe in them. That is why we are so proud to share the story of Judi Pulig—Yorktel’s Chief Financial Officer and CRN Inclusive Channel Leader honoree for 2023.

Yorktel’s CFO Named to the CRN 2023 Inclusive Channel Leaders List

Judi Pulig, as the Chief Financial Officer of Yorktel, has been selected as one of the esteemed honorees on the CRN Inclusive Channel Leaders List for 2023. This award recognizes her outstanding leadership and commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace within the IT industry. 

The CRN Inclusive Channel Leaders Award

The CRN Inclusive Channel Leaders Award is a prestigious accolade that recognizes exceptional individuals in the IT industry who have demonstrated a strong commitment to DEI. The recipients of this award are chosen based on their impactful efforts in creating inclusive environments and promoting diversity within their organizations. 

By celebrating leaders like Judi Pulig, the award inspires others to prioritize DEI initiatives and contribute to a more inclusive managed IT services industry.

Judi Pulig’s Role as an Inclusive Leader in IT

Judi Pulig, in her role as CFO of Yorktel, exemplifies the inclusive leadership qualities that bring organizations together and help them prosper. Pulig has focused and continues to focus on promoting cross-functional collaboration, inclusiveness, and breaking down silos within the organization. 

Pulig fostered a shared vision and common goals among company leaders by holding bi-annual meetings on DEI initiatives. Through these meetings, Pulig highlighted cross-organizational opportunities that emphasize communication and opened new collaboration channels to create a more inclusive and collaborative work environment.

Pulig’s commitment to inclusive channel leadership is evident through her continuous efforts to educate herself on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. By aligning company values with this commitment and ensuring fair and unbiased hiring practices, she has successfully fostered a culture of inclusivity within Yorktel. 

Furthermore, Pulig has actively listened to employee concerns and implemented solutions that address these issues while driving organizational success. By encouraging bold and innovative ideas from the team, she has created an environment of open communication, respect, and belonging, resulting in increased job satisfaction and productivity.

A Role Model for Fostering DEI in IT

“As a female CFO in the male-dominated IT channel, I believe in promoting opportunities for women in technical fields to make the industry more inclusive,” Pulig explained.

To foster diversity, equity, and inclusion in the IT industry, Pulig emphasizes the need for outreach programs, mentorships, and networking events designed for women in technical fields to attract and connect with minority and female talent. 

“Partnering with vendors that support technical education initiatives for women and minorities can help spread the message of inclusivity. Promoting diversity in the workforce is not just a feel-good initiative but a strategic business investment,” Pulig said. “By committing to inclusivity at all levels of the industry, we can create a more representative and innovative industry.”  

Pulig admits that promoting inclusivity in the workplace can feel overwhelming, but says that it is crucial for leaders to prioritize it. To achieve their DEI goals, Pulig recommends company leaders to:

  • Research and network to help gain understanding and best practices. 
  • Start small by consulting employees and creating interest in the subject. 
  • Establish a committee to collaborate on initiatives. 
  • Keep yourself and your coworkers informed about the value of inclusivity through training sessions, conversations, and open forums.

“Prioritize inclusivity in all areas of the business,” Pulig said, “Keep an open mind to criticism and monitor the success of strategies. Strengthening inclusion in the workplace requires ongoing efforts.”

Yorktel Managed IT Service Provider Committed to DEI

The recognition of Pulig highlights Yorktel’s unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Yorktel, a leading managed IT service provider, not only delivers high-quality solutions but also strives to make a positive impact on DEI in the IT space. By championing inclusivity, Yorktel aims to help create an industry that embraces diversity and provides equal opportunities for all.

By celebrating and supporting leaders like Judi Pulig, we can empower diversity, equity, and inclusion in IT and create a brighter future for the industry. Discover how our shared values can help improve your IT needs and contact the experts at Yorktel today.