Zoom Phone offers a comprehensive cloud-based phone system designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, packed with a plethora of rich features for enhanced communication.

Empower Seamless Collaboration with Zoom Phone

Transform business communications with Zoom Voice, a cloud phone system that enables voice, chat, and meeting interactions, backed by secure HD audio and enterprise-class reliability.

Innovative for your evolving needs

Full-featured cloud-based phone system built on Zoom’s intuitive platform

Local PSTN service available in 45+ countries

A Feature-Rich Enterprise Phone System

Intelligent Call Routing & Management

Stay connected without missing a call. Benefit from intelligent call routing, both personal and system-based, to ensure calls are efficiently directed and connected.

Voicemail and Call History

Easily manage your call history, access transcribed voicemails, and make return calls directly from the app.

Caller ID and Dialing Personas

Effortlessly customize your phone number or persona to reflect the type of call you’re making for a personalized and professional touch to your communication.

Call Recording

Efficiently capture and review phone conversations with the on-demand call recording feature, ensuring important conversations are preserved for future reference with ease and convenience.

Shared Line Appearance/Delegation

Delegate call management with ease by assigning a representative to screen and make calls on behalf of another person. View and answer calls on hold effortlessly for efficient call handling.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Harness the power of versatile apps that enable communication and interaction with contacts from any device, anytime, and anywhere.

How Does Zoom Voice Enhance Business Communication & Collaboration?

  • With Zoom VoIP phone service, administrators can optimize their business phone system efficiency with call delegation, automated attendants, and intelligent call routing, enabling streamlined and effective call management processes.
  • Your team stays connected and responsive, regardless of whether they are at their desks or on the move, ensuring seamless communication and productivity in any location.
  • Your team has amplified autonomy with greater control over their phone calls, allowing them to decide when, where, and how they receive and make calls for enhanced flexibility and productivity in their communication workflows.
  • Zoom Voice supports consolidating carriers and disparate systems into a single platform, simplifying communication management, and improving connectivity for seamless operations

Unlock the Power of Simple & Effective Communication with Zoom Phone

As a certified Zoom partner, Yorktel understands the intricacies of Zoom Phone and can help your organization harness its full potential. From implementation and customization to ongoing support and optimization, our expert team ensures that you get the most out of Zoom Voice. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the Zoom enterprise phone system.