Ensuring Telecommuting Success For the Work from Home Decision-Maker

Be Informed – Dig Into the Data

How do I Ensure my Telecommuting Program is in Alignment with Telework Best Practices?

COVID-19 is forcing adoption of telecommuting and remote work at an accelerated pace.

Whether you’re an SMB or an Enterprise organization, chances are you’re aware of Modern Workplace trends. And if you’re not, the shift to telecommuting and remote work fueled by COVID-19 will provide a quick education.

Enterprise communications and collaboration capabilities are fundamental to keeping the 5 generations that comprise the Modern Workplace connected. The Internet of Everything is driving futuristic scenarios leveraging AI and presence. Employees can connect anytime, from anywhere.

Assess where you are on these Key Data Points.

You can ensure telecommuting success for your organization by determining your answers to the following questions:

  • Your IT team has probably cobbled together a workable, temporary telecommuting solution to address your immediate needs. What is your Team’s comfort level with the agility that is required to address the urgency of the need at hand?
  • Do you have the knowledge to think around the corners, ensuring your telecommuting program is technically feasible for the long-term?
  • Your employee base has weathered a forced quick shift from on-site to remote work. How has your corporate culture adapted to this transition?
  • Do you have a change management program in place to create and institute new policies and technologies, then support sustained user adoption?
  • You’ve made a massive shift to remote work. How has this impacted your network ecosystem?
  • Do you have the in-house IT capabilities to manage and maintain your newly stressed network without outside help? Is your current Help Desk capacity sustainable for the long term?

This information is your starting point for your roadmap of how to get from here to there.

Research These WFH – Work from Home – Resources

Now is the time to take advantage of the Internet of Everything. You are surrounded by telecommuting resources offering dynamic perspectives of how others are acting on telecommuting initiatives.

Hearken to the Bloggers.

Bloggers are a great source of current information and offer an unvarnished perspective on any subject you can type into your search field. Search keyword terms like “telecommuting and COVID-19” and peruse a few posts to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Approach Industry Peers.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, the best way to find out how others in your field are adapting is to talk to your competition. Difficult times make for strange bedfellows. If lines of communication are open, your best resource might be the business who is in your market space, trying to achieve exactly what you are.

Peruse Online Forums.

Online forums provide a platform that is geographically unrestricted. Search for a forum with a voice in your market segment and learn what industry executives are doing to address your same challenges.

Search Telecommuting Websites.

The term “telecommuting” was first coined in 1972 by Jack Nilles. At that time, Nilles was working remotely on a complex NASA communication system. He told people what he was doing was “Telecommuting,” and the phrase was born. As a result, the internet is brimming with information on telecommuting. The challenge is to focus on the newest information. Include dates in your search field to ensure your results are recent and relevant.

Research Successful Telecommuting Programs: Explore what the Giants are Doing.

Due to their sheer size and the nature of their business, tech industry giants have mastered the art of the telecommuting workforce and invested big bucks in publishing massive quantities of telecommuting literature. Although your telecommuting program is undoubtedly smaller than what these behemoths have in place, sorting through the virtual stacks can illuminate some useful advice.

Solicit your Employees.

Never underestimate the value of what’s in your own backyard. Your employees know your organizational culture and your M&Ps inside and out. Mine this valuable internal resource on what telecommuting program aspects might work best for you and yours.You can use this invaluable information to help increase productivity working from home.