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Unlock the full power of Microsoft Teams with our Microsoft Teams Consulting Services: Seamless Communication, Collaboration, and Results Sharing in one place

Today’s modern digital workplace offers employees access to copious file-sharing platforms, communication channels, and collaboration tools.

This abundance can be appealing to those who have a “favorite” teamwork tool but can cause chaos for your IT crew when it’s time for secure integration.

How to align the favorites with the practical, while keeping everyone in the same technology ecosystem?

Our Microsoft Teams consulting services help organizations take full advantage of the MS Teams collaboration platform.

As part of the Office 365 suite of tools, Teams provides a single hub for teamwork that is user-friendly, flexible, and secure.

MS Teams makes collaborative coordination easy, with persistent chat, host audio, video, and virtual meetings – all in real-time.

With appealing features and functionality designed to unite your workforce and thrill your IT staff, Microsoft Teams will soon become the “favorite” for all of your teams.

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Key Benefits of Microsoft Teams:

A Complete Communications Solution

Microsoft Teams provides the right tools in the right place – directly at your fingertips. Teams unites your workforce with futuristic yet intuitive features that empower users with numerous and diverse collaborative capabilities.

From the individual (create personalized channels to track project milestones) to the masses (conduct live broadcasts of webinars or all-hands meetings for up to 10,000 attendees), let Yorktel’s Microsoft Teams consulting services help deploy Teams and drive Digital Transformation across your organization.

Enhance Collaboration with Office 365 Apps

Microsoft Teams offers all the features and functionality of Microsoft’s integrated Office 365 apps. MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, and OneNote open the door to efficient content sharing and development throughout your Modern Workplace.

You can even integrate third-party partner services such as MailChimp and SalesForce directly to Teams, for even greater productivity.

Our consulting services help organizations consolidate, integrate, and take advantage of all the collaborative tools needed to drive strategic business objectives forward.

Leverage Your Choice for Voice

Teams offers the flexibility to adopt the Teams Phone system into your solution or select your own voice provider. Yorktel’s Teams Phone Connector offers an appealing alternative to customers considering Microsoft Teams Phone.

Thanks to our deep expertise in the Microsoft family of products, we can help you select, integrate, and launch your choice for voice.

Why Choose Yorktel’s Microsoft Teams Consulting Services?

As a Microsoft Certified partner with years of experience, Yorktel’s Microsoft Teams consulting experts are uniquely positioned to enable your organization to make the most of Microsoft Teams.

Our consulting services provide a true end-to-end solution, from Teams deployment, user training, and successful user adoption, as well as governance and security.

Streamlined Collaboration

Our expert Teams consultants will optimize your Teams environment, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across your entire organization.

Experience enhanced productivity and efficiency to leverage the full potential of MS Teams.

Custom Solutions

We understand that every organization has unique needs.

With Yorktel Microsoft Teams consulting services, our Microsoft experts work closely with you to assess your requirements and tailor Microsoft Teams to align with your business goals, ensuring a customized and optimized solution.

Training & Adopting Support

Successful Teams adoption is essential for realizing its full benefits. Our Microsoft Teams consultancy services include comprehensive training programs and change management strategies to help your teams embrace the platform, drive user adoption and maximize productivity.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Our commitment doesn’t end with just implementing Teams. Yorktel Microsoft consulting services includes ongoing support, regular maintenance, and updates to ensure your Microsoft Teams environment remains optimized and aligned with your evolving business needs.

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