Deal Registration

Deal registration strengthens a partner’s control over an incremental business opportunity. By registering an opportunity, a partner signals to Yorktel the intent to bid on that account. In return, Yorktel will provide the appropriate support through a fixed discount off list price to help a partner competitively bid on an opportunity.

Register your deal with Yorktel to:

Beat your competitors with exclusive pricing

Receive deal assistance from a Yorktel regional sales rep

Start strong with Yorktel pre-sales engineering support

Referral Submission

Referrals are business opportunities which may or may not be fully qualified. Not only do referrals strengthen the partner’s control over the business opportunity, it is also a measurement used to qualify a partner’s eligibility for the Yorktel Strategic Alliance program. The Strategic Alliance Program offers channel management focused on alliance growth through lead share, partner programs, continued education, marketing opportunity and more. Upon request, we commit to report on submitted referrals that convert to sales.

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