The rise of COVID-19 has accelerated enterprise digital transformation to unprecedented levels. The focus has shifted from meeting rooms and centralized business hubs to entirely decentralized estates with exponentially more endpoints.

Thanks to this shift, finding a monitoring and management solution that has kept up with the demands of the time can give organizations a huge edge in today’s business climate.

Why has Monitoring and Management suddenly taken center stage?

Digitization of the workplace has placed a much greater focus on the modern worker, with multiple devices, more individual meeting rooms, and an increase in the use of intelligent communications. With this comes a much greater responsibility in Monitoring: an effective infrastructure monitoring solution must encompass the diversity and scale of the workplace, manage a higher ticket load and resolve issues without on-site visits while maintaining integration between both cloud and legacy devices.

Download Yorktel’s free white paper, The Evolution of Monitoring in the Age of COVID-19, to learn more about how an innovative Monitoring solution could be a potential game-changer during this time of mixed environments, OEM devices, decentralization of the workforce, and intelligent communications.

This white paper will explore:

  • The Evolution of the Modern Workplace Since COVID-19
  • The State of Monitoring Today
  • Certified Microsoft Team Rooms Devices and Zoom Rooms
  • Monitoring as a Service – How Yorktel is Shifting the Monitoring System to leverage Automated Intelligence and Analytics
  • What Makes Yorktel’s Monitoring Service Different?

Unified Monitoring for Meeting Rooms and Devices

Interested in learning more about Yorktel’s “single pane of glass” Monitoring and Analytics? Watch our free webinar, Finally! Unified Monitoring for Microsoft Teams, Zoom Rooms, and More.

In this webinar, you will learn how Yorktel’s innovative Continuity and Monitoring solution provides monitoring, analysis, management, and reporting across your entire network estate:

  • Provides robust, end-to-end monitoring and management of Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Room environments.
  • Leverages an innovative blend of technologies to address hybrid network environments across OEMs.
  • Reduces costs and increases productivity through single control panel monitoring.
  • Drives decision-making through customized reporting and analytics.

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