Any healthcare executive will tell you that hospital and health system administrators serve two masters: ensuring their facility delivers the highest quality patient care; and maximizing financial returns. More often than not, those two worlds collide with combustible results similar to pouring oil on a gas fire.

With Yorktel’s guidance, an Idaho-based, not-for-profit health system with 14,000 employees and 294 facilities was able to overcome myriad technical and personnel issues, and use video communications to affect positive change across the board. Our Professional Services team helped this client increase the number of patients served, as well as response time and diagnosis to patients.

A study conducted by the client revealed that physicians and other healthcare clinicians were traveling more than 2.6 million miles each year to meet with patients. The customer recognized that it needed to improve its video communications strategy to reduce clinicians’ travel times and see more patients. Hence, their engagement of Yorktel.

Click here to read the full case study, which details our assessment of this customer’s video communications environment and Telehealth platform, and the specific recommendations that not only enabled drastic improvements in operational efficiency and patient care, but also cut costs and increased revenue.