Migrating to Teams – Is Your Network Ready?

The journey to digital workplace transformation requires physical workplace transformation as well.  How so? Join Vishal Brown, SVP, Enterprise Product Management of Yorktel to discuss the topic: “Migrating to Microsoft Teams: Is your network ready?” As teams grow, there is an increase in demand placed on the enterprise’s infrastructure. This webinar, scheduled for April 3rd, […]

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Podcast: Top 3 Things Critical to Making Video Work in Telemedicine

According to Yorktel’s Pete McLain, video must be simple, robust and effective to make video work in telemedicine. Video conferencing must be accessible on demand to deliver telehealth. In this podcast, McLain, who is Yorktel’s Senior Vice President of Health, says it’s the 3am video conference call that represents the critical test of video conferencing […]

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Migrating from Skype to Teams? Follow the (Road) Map

As you’ve probably heard, Microsoft is phasing out Skype for Business and introducing Microsoft Teams, a central hub for teamwork bringing together chat, meetings, calling, collaboration, app integration, and file sharing. As a result, today’s Skype for Business users face a challenge which will impact communications and collaboration from desktop to conference room tabletop. If […]

Navigating Digital Workplace

4 Tips for a Successful Digital Workplace

The Digital Workplace – Where Exactly Is It? The digital workplace is more than a place – it’s a strategy – and a method of being able to work almost anywhere while using a variety of technology devices.  The purpose is to be able to increase employee engagement, improve team collaboration and create an environment […]

Cisco webex Teams

The Future of Collaboration is NOW

In April, Cisco announced the coming together of its Cisco Spark and WebEx platforms into a whole new team-centered solution. This new meetings app, called Webex Teams, is designed for teamwork collaboration — complete with video, online meetings, white-boarding, content sharing and more. It combines the communication features in Cisco Spark with features based on […]


Don’t Be a Live Streaming Disaster Statistic

Many people believe that attending a live online event, such as a company town hall webcast, will offer the same viewing experience as watching a World Cup qualifier soccer match online. However, the reality is that the two experience are extremely different due to the inherent complexity of hosting live video streaming behind a corporate […]

Veterans’ Access to Telemedicine Across State Lines Clears Major Hurdle

Veterans’ Access to Telemedicine Across State Lines Clears Major Hurdle

As the nation prepares to honor veterans and thank them for their services to the United States this Friday, it is important to laud the VA’s efforts to expand its use of telemedicine services. Last Thursday the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs passed a bill to remove restrictions on the ability of VA providers to […]


What’s Holding Telehealth Back?

Telehealth has made dramatic inroads in recent years. What once was only a futurist dream, is currently an every-day reality. Now that telehealth is within the treatment arsenals of most care providers, patients interact with their doctors and receive quality healthcare with no geographic limits.


Millennials – Here Today, Here to Stay, Working from Away

These days, it’s hard to not talk about Millennials when trying to understand how the workplace is evolving. Everyone has their own idea of what this demographic represents, but the starting point should be based on the numbers. In terms of age, Millennials are generally classified as being born between 1980 and 2000, and according […]


Yorktel’s Inclusion in The Growing Business Handbook 2016

Workplace performance standards are very different today from what they were ten, even five years ago. It is increasingly accepted that an employee’s performance now depends on real-time collaboration, connecting everyone from wherever they are through whatever device they choose. Enterprises that successfully employ the Next Generation Workplace management strategy have embraced this reality by […]


State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies

Telehealth adoption is accelerating across the United States. According to the American Telemedicine Association, more than half of U.S. hospitals now use some form of telemedicine. One very important factor for its rapid ascension is the emergence of favorable reimbursement policies that ensure healthcare providers are paid for telehealth-enabled patient care. Federal legislation such as […]


Back to School

September, the beginning of a new school year – which for some of us will mean nothing more than the traffic getting worse again or that it’s the start of the countdown to Christmas.  For others, who are working parents, it also signals recommencing the daily juggling act of work, home and school commitments. Whilst […]

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