Many organizations are unified in their Enterprise Collaboration goals but are internally disjointed, lacking a consistent platform or communications technology.

This mixed collaboration environment often includes endpoints from multiple vendors, inhibiting a streamlined and productive communications experience.

Yorktel’s Univago Gateway Service, one of our Univago Enterprise Cloud Service offerings, allows your users to access different collaboration technologies and platforms using their preferred collaboration tool, eliminating the challenges commonly associated with multiple user groups and disparate vendor solutions.

To provide seamless access to your Microsoft Teams collaborations technology, Yorktel offers two options: Univago Teams Gateway and Univago InterOp Gateway. This choice of services ensures that all of our enterprise customers can access all the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business features and functionality you need to keep your business collaborations running smoothly.



Executives can help drive usage of collaboration within their organizations and positively impact the bottom line by viewing technology to improve not only the Return on Investment (ROI) but return on engagement (ROE).

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Key Benefits of Univago Gateway Service

Two Options for Seamless Collaboration

Yorktel’s Univago Gateway Service is available in two options, to give our customers a choice in how to achieve seamless connectivity between disparate audio visual endpoints.

Univago Teams Gateway service is for our customers who are already using Microsoft Teams in your network environment. It preserves all of the capabilities and functionality of Teams so users can enjoy comprehensive collaboration across devices and endpoints.

InterOp Gateway (includes SfB-O) is for our customers who use Skype for Business online or have a hybrid Microsoft Teams and SfB-O environment. InterOp Gateway provides interoperability between these diverse endpoints, eliminating the barriers to enterprise collaboration throughout your network.

Frees Collaboration from Siloed Technology Buckets

Univago Gateway eliminates the previously siloed technology buckets what would often sit within an organization or department, where investments are made on a local level. Breaking out of these silos has the positive inter and intra-company effect of creating a more cohesive technology ecosystem and work culture.

Eliminates Multiple Rollouts of Redundant Solutions

Because Univago Gateway Service allows for different vendor endpoints to “talk” to each other, companies no longer need to roll out several instances of multiple solutions to train their user base. Univago Gateway also eliminates the need for additional licenses for users leveraging more than one collaboration product or solution.

Any-to-Any Connectivity Streamlines Workflows

Univago Gateway Service enables any-to-any connectivity so your users can choose the collaboration technology or solution of their preference. This flexibility streamlines workflows because users aren’t forced to adjust to a colleague’s choice of collaboration product or tool or how to adapt, depending on who is on the other end of the line (or screen).

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Complementary Univago Gateway Service Options

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