Public Sector

Public Sector

Municipalities around the world use visual communication solutions for collaboration internally and externally. Yorktel successfully helps national, regional and local government agencies take advantage of video communications.

With the complex challenges that face the public sector, large bureaus, departments, and agencies are seeking ways to improve the productivity and effectiveness of their workforce and modernize IT infrastructure. Yorktel is able to provide unified communication solutions in the public sector that integrate disparate communication systems and productivity applications together, thus enabling government employees to communicate easily, regardless of the network or endpoint resulting in greater support and responsiveness to the citizens they serve.

Our public sector past performance is far reaching, extending well beyond state and local government agencies into: K-12, higher education, judicial, and medical facilities. We understand that there are security and communication compliance and standards that vary and must be individually addressed for each specific entity. Additionally there are management challenges from infrastructure administration to scheduling; our managed services team has the expertise to address all of your needs.

Yorktel is ready to help you increase inter/intra-agency communication, while reducing travel and the global carbon footprint. Our secure solutions will help with training, outreach programs, continuity of operations during emergencies, public safety, and multi-organization collaboration. Other benefits include:

  • Increased efficiencies in all verticals
  • Ultimate HD experience for telemedicine
  • Elimination of redundant staffing drives down operational costs
  • Decreased maintenance expenses

We understand that funding for technology initiatives can be limited; budget constraints are often felt at the state and local level. The benefit of visual communications solutions is that you are able to effectively reduce costs and we will provide you with the ROI metrics to support your solution. Allow us to design a solution that when implemented, provides your agencies quick return on investment (ROI) in terms of increased efficiency and productivity, reduced travel and environmental impact, as well as advanced service capabilities that can ultimately better serve your citizens.

Yorktel holds three GSA contracts, which allow us to provide support and supply of all of the leading technology manufacturers as well as engineering, integration, and media services. We are even able to make available staffing resources including our highly-skilled technicians, event staff, and 24/7/365 Global VNOC services through our GSA contracts. The Yorktel Contracts team is well versed in the process and is well-researched on the policies and regulations for purchasing, bidding, procurement and other contractual obligations.

Yorktel also holds a contract for the State of New Jersey Video Teleconferencing Equipment and Services (exclusive provider of Cisco/Tandberg brand in NJ). For more info, Click here or contact See Pricing Schedule here.

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