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Wall-Mounted Video Conferencing Systems

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Univago HE™ Wall-Mounted Video Conferencing Systems

ICU and Acute versions with custom install options to accommodate most room sizes.
Many hospital room walls are filled with equipment, leaving little wall real-estate for any additional equipment. Yorktel’s Univago HE™ video-enablement platform offers a wide range of wall-mounted video conferencing components to accommodate the variations in wall-space for different patients’ rooms, along with multiple custom options to ceiling mount the entire unit or parts of the unit. The systems reflect a modular design with four main components: a speaker, a camera, a lower enclosure (electronics cabinet) and a computer/display. Remote clinicians use the Clinician Interaction App to initiate a session to the patient location in response to in-room personnel pressing the notification button in the patient’s room, alerting the remote clinician of the call request.

The ICU Wall-Mounted Video Conferencing Systems are Class 1 medical grade, purpose-built to accommodate the noise and chaos of ICU environments. These systems are designed to give patients a clear visual and audio system to communicate with the clinician, remote physician, family member, or other remote viewer. Provided in an all-in-one PC reflecting a pleasing simplicity of design, the screen enclosures are completely passive with no user interface.

The Acute Wall-Mounted Video Conferencing Systems offer the same two-way audio and video conference capability but in a more compact package, creating a balance between space and visualization capability. For healthcare providers who need a compact unit designed for less hectic environments than the ICU, the Acute system is ideal. The all-in-one unit connects to a monitor, offering the flexibility to meet the needs of the medical-surgical nursing or other non-ICU settings, without compromising functionality or quality.

Both wall-mounted video systems provide a high degree of reliability, multi-functionality, and consequently, increased ROI per component. Other convenient features include image capture, night vision, multi-party video visits, remote camera control and remote audio control, packed in an intuitive, secure interface designed to empower healthcare providers to offer a higher standard of care.

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