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Univago HE™ iObserver App

Continuous observation enabling faster response, reduced patient risks.
Included as an additional capability with the Univago HE™ video-enablement platform, the iObserver App provides continuous observation for high risk patients. It facilitates faster clinician intervention to help reduce patient events and allows a clinician to observe up to 12 rooms, 24/7, on a single screen with full audio and video. This 1-on-1 visual attention to at-risk patients supports patient safety, reduces stress on nurses and lowers staffing costs.

Clinicians can redirect patient activity and prevent falls or other risky behavior through the iObserver App by connecting to a Mobile Cart or a Wall-Mounted Video Conferencing system in each patient room. If the attending clinician observes a patient in trouble, the iObserver App allows the clinician to escalate directly to the patient’s room via 1-way audio, 2-way audio, and 2-way video/audio. Clinicians can also send notifications as either a sound played in the patient room or a text to personnel nearby to enter the patients’ room.

Many hospitals assign staff or hire non-medical personnel to observe patients at risk for behavior health issues such as falls, wandering, pulling out tubes, or other forms of self-injury. These adverse events could prolong the patient’s stay or increase their need for additional care. The iObserver App allows hospitals to:

  • Provide or enhance virtual sitting/observation services for patients
  • Lower costs of patient observation
  • Reduce on-site staff needed to watch patients in their rooms
  • Watch patients remotely and more patients at once

By enhancing patient safety, the iObserver App provides piece of mind for clinicians, families and caregivers. The App also reduces stress on nurses, who can rely on this virtual sitter rather than trying to simultaneously watch multiple patients from the bedside.

The iObserver App also provides an extra layer of clinical support in step-down units or Acute Care patient rooms. This frees up the ICU to care for only the most critically ill patients.

Key Features:

  • Establish patient profiles reflecting the reason for patient observation and relative level of risk.
  • Dynamically size and arrange video screen tiles according to patient profiles.
  • Motion detection to draw attention to a patient’s room for closer scrutiny and escalate to On Demand Virtual Consult if necessary.
  • After an intervention, easy drop-down list to record reason for the alert or speaking into the room.
  • High definition PTZ camera with night vision mode.
  • Ability to transfer patient observation profiles, views and controls to another clinician during a break or change in shifts.
  • Available as Wall Mounted or Mobile cart systems.

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