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Admin Portal

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Univago HE™ Admin Portal for Data Tracking and Analytics

Tracking the information healthcare providers need to make informed decisions.
The Univago HE™ Administration Portal for Data Tracking makes it easier for healthcare providers to gather the information they need to capture a complete snapshot of all their Univago HE™ systems, manage the clinician and technician users, locations, and much more.

The portal logs key data around both the Clinician Interaction App and the iObserver App sessions, including the start and stop of a call, what room and clinician(s) were involved in the call, and who extra was added to the call. In addition, an administrator can monitor the up and down status of their hardware, manage their users, create multiple administrator and user accounts, generate reports on usage, and manage user endpoints.

All the collected data can be exported into patient records and used for documentation and billing purposes. It can also be assembled into usage reports and analyzed for effectiveness of a patient observation program – all through an intuitive, user-friendly interface. These larger scale, data-tracking and management services give healthcare providers a comprehensive view into their telehealth resource planning and ROI across their entire virtual care spectrum.

Key Features

  • Monitor the status of all your rooms
  • View status reports for each room
  • Edit system settings
  • Add, Edit & Delete Clinician Users
  • Manage Passwords
  • Add, Edit & Delete Locations
  • Add, Edit & Delete Rooms
  • Add, Edit & Delete Beds

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