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Male Doctor Video Conferencing On Computer

Introducing Yorktel’s Univago HE™

Comprehensive, versatile, reliable and secure.

Univago HE™ is an industry-leading, comprehensive platform designed to provide video-enabled communications and interactions across the entire continuum of healthcare-specific workflows, regardless of device. It is a single technology solution which facilitates clinical collaboration and communication with outstanding reliability and uptime, provides an intuitive interface designed for clinicians, and requires little maintenance but affordable support.

Univago HE eliminates the need for separate solutions for each individual telehealth use case within a healthcare system. Univago HE is highly scalable and HIPAA certified, ensuring that patient privacy is preserved, end-to-end. The platform approach provides unmatched versatility to integrate with existing customer solutions and accommodates 3rd party integration, saving healthcare providers from investing in multiple tools to address each workflow. Together, its solution components leverage two-way audio and video to connect patients, clinicians, healthcare experts, care coordination teams, virtual sitters and family members in an intuitive, non-intrusive manner.

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Healthcare providers can choose between hard-wired Wall-Mounted Systems and Mobile Wireless Free-Standing Carts, offering an opportunity to right-size the technology to fit specific environments, for a sustainable, long-term telehealth program.

As a comprehensive solution, all Managed Services, software, licenses, monitoring, diagnostics, reporting and hardware are included. Yorktel takes care of the technology so healthcare providers can focus on taking care of their patients.

Key Features

Re-inventing healthcare delivery through a single platform.

  • Highly scalable, resilient and HIPAA certified platform, offering endless possibilities for customized workflow development and 3rd party Integration.
  • Clinician Interaction App provides secure remote clinician access from anywhere.
  • Prioritized end-to-end security and patient privacy.
  • Built to meet the reliability and uptime needs of a clinical environment.
  • Administration Portal provides the necessary tools to manage users and room systems.
  • Built to accommodate API / SDKs, allowing for easy integration of video-enablement with 3rd party telehealth and clinical workflow solutions.
  • In-Room System – All-in-one appliances, wall-mounted or mobile cart, built from the ground up for healthcare environments.
  • Remote Monitoring & Management capabilities provide real-time visibility, proactive alerts and remote interventions.
  • 24/7 support – Global support teams are always ready before you need them.

Clinician Application
Secure remote clinician access from anywhere for true BYOD

Patient Room System
All-in-one medical grade appliance: wall mounted or mobile car

Dedicated Portal
Dedicated admin portal to actively manage subscription, clinician privileges, trouble tickets and reports

Cloud Infrastructure
Scalable platform with interoperability to traditional video, as well as Skype for Business and WebRTC

24 X 7 support
Yorktel’s global, multilingual helpdesk support

Monitoring & Management
Real-time visibility, proactive alerts and remote interventions

Application program interface and software development kit to develop and integrate with 3rd party applications

Unit Swapping
Standby hardware systems for patient rooms held on-site

Univago HE’s Triple Value

The Univago HE platform comprises three important components of a successful video-enabled telehealth program:

Video Workflows

Addressed by our Clinician Interaction Web App and the iObserver App.


Provided in our purpose-built Wall-Mounted Video Conferencing Systems and Mobile Cart Systems as well the flexibility to use generic standards-based endpoints.


Easily leveraged through our Admin Portal and proactive monitoring VNOC Services.

Together, this triumvirate provides comprehensive, reliable and secure video-enablement to healthcare providers seeking to enhance patient care through a successful telehealth program.

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