Abstract blur hospital and clinic interior

Telehealth Partners

Abstract blur hospital and clinic interior

Telehealth Partners

Expanding our healthcare portfolio with esteemed industry leaders.

Yorktel’s hand-picked partnerships with industry leaders specializing in telehealth demonstrate our commitment to collaboration and excellence for our healthcare customers.

These partnerships allow us to combine the best technologies and expertise each of us has to offer, so we can create the perfect blend of products and solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Yorktel’s Telehealth Partners include:


3rd Party Integration and SDK Capabilities

Yorktel’s 3rd party and SDK integration capabilities are an invaluable differentiator for our customers, providing the additional expertise of our Telehealth Partners to our own video-enablement specialization. These Partners’ solutions uniquely complement our own Video-Enablement Solutions, providing a complete set of additional telehealth tools for healthcare providers. These flexible integration capabilities allow healthcare providers to utilize existing clinical workflow software or adapt new apps that closer align to their needs.


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