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On Demand Inpatient Virtual Consults

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On Demand Inpatient Virtual Consults

Instant patient care, where and when you need it.

The Univago HE™ On Demand Inpatient Virtual Consult application allows multiple physicians to join a video assessment or virtual consult on the fly, in nearly limitless forms and types of telehealth interactions. Once the initial call is established, additional participants such as clinicians, interpreters or family members can quickly join for virtual visits at a moment’s notice, using any combination of standards-based video conferencing systems. In an inpatient scenario, usually the remote clinician is on call (on shift) waiting to hear from the onsite clinical care team to call into the patient’s room for consultation, usually for patient assessment, diagnosis and/or treatment.

This quick accessibility is ideal for a remote physician who needs to make critical care coordination decisions quickly, or a patient requiring translation services or family input on an important medical decision. These multi-point calls differ from Scheduled eConsults in that they do not need to be planned – they can be initiated spontaneously or as the need for virtual care coordination demands.

The patients who benefit from this arrangement are usually in the hospital, in Acute rooms, or even ICU rooms. Some healthcare areas which benefit from On Demand Inpatient Virtual Consults are:

  • TeleNeurology (includes TeleStroke)
  • Tele-NICU
  • TelePsychiatry
  • TeleCardiology
  • TeleHospitalist (Ad Hoc, not Continuous Patient Observation)
  • TelePulmonary
  • TeleICU (Ad Hoc, not 24/7 Monitoring)
  • TeleStroke


TeleStroke is one of the most common applications of On Demand Virtual Consults. The Univago HE™ platform enables the video capability which remotely connects neurologists to patients for rapid stroke assessment. Through an authenticated, secure direct connection, neurologists can initiate a live two-way video session with a patient from any device or location. This immediacy gives neurologists the rapid access they need to visually assess a patient’s condition – saving seconds which could make the difference between life and death in a critically impaired patient.

Univago HE for TeleStroke also offers the option of leveraging the Univago HE Mobile Cart to bring the neurologist up close for a complete visual and audio assessment of the stroke patient. The Univago HE platform integrates with an existing TeleStroke encounter application through a simple API set, allowing for a seamless video calling experience within an existing clinical workflow. This speedy option facilitates the “reduced time to diagnosis and care” so important to both providers and patients.

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