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ICU and Acute Patient Monitoring

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ICU and Acute Patient Monitoring

Around-the-clock monitoring for critical patient care.

Univago HE™ for the ICU workflow is the first and only all-inclusive telehealth video platform-as- a-service that delivers the versatility, reliability and security required by the ICU environment. The ability to monitor critically ill patients around-the-clock is key to an effective TeleICU or Acute Care program. These patients need the highest degree of attention and constant assessment of their vitals, including temperature, respiratory rate, pulse, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation.

For the Clinician

The Univago HE Video-Enablement Platform allows clinicians to quickly and easily monitor patients in ICU rooms or Acute Care, providing virtual sitting from any secure computer using the secure Univago HE Clinician Interaction App. The app enables monitoring from a central station, giving the attending clinician the ability to observe the ICU, Acute Care rooms, or TeleHospitalist locations and consult on patient care. The clinician can connect with the patient, review the patient information, and manage access to any medical devices (data, sounds (stethoscopes), images, or video feeds (otoscope, exam camera, ultrasound).

Most importantly, the clinician can quickly and easily invite additional clinical specialists, family members or translators in case of emergency or need for a virtual consult – a particularly critical capability in an ICU environment.

For the Patient Room

The Univago HE subscription includes a choice of purpose-built wall-mounted video conferencing systems – the ICU System and the Acute System. These systems are engineered from the ground up for reliability – especially important for the ICU or Acute care rooms which require a higher degree of patient care. With a single push of a button, in-room personnel can alert remote clinicians to initiate a video with the patient, using these systems.

For Additional Participants

Additional participants, including clinical specialists, family members and translators can also be securely invited to join calls on the fly without disruption or disconnection. Univago HE supports up to 10 connections in a single call, using any combination of standards-based videoconferencing systems, Microsoft Skype clients, WebRTC browsers or phones/mobile phones or tablets.


Administrators are provided full visibility of their estate through a comprehensive Administration Portal providing provisioning, status and reporting capabilities.

24×7 technical support with VNOC monitoring, module replacement and onsite spares are all included in your subscription.

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