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Expert Analysis to Craft Your Microsoft Strategic Roadmap

The sheer number of today’s Microsoft product and solutions can be overwhelming for organizations striving for digital workplace transformation. Many companies lack the internal resources to thoroughly investigate, uncover and select the appropriate combination of Microsoft solutions to meet their specific business needs. Other organizations may have internal IT staff who are qualified to perform the required analysis but are consumed with existing tasks and lack time to take on additional projects.

Yorktel’s Microsoft Strategic Consulting Services provide the industry expertise and domain knowledge to create a Microsoft Strategic Roadmap designed to address your specific business objectives directly. Drawing from our deep experience in the Microsoft product realm, we identify the needs of your end users based on employee profiles, demographic make-up and industry requirements. We then create a Microsoft strategic roadmap reflecting our findings from the above exercises. In these efforts, we serve as IT Strategist, CIO, and CTO, alleviating those personnel from the tasks above. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we are a guiding force as you start your journey down the road to digital transformation.

Who Needs Yorktel’s Microsoft Strategic Consulting Services?

  • Would you like to take advantage of today’s numerous Microsoft product and solutions but don’t have the time or resources to support this undertaking?
  • Do you have enough internal IT staff to perform the network analysis, user assessment and industry requirements evaluations required, but find they are already overloaded with other projects?
  • Do you have sufficient internal IT resources to undertake the project work described above, but suspect they lack expertise on the Microsoft product and solution portfolio?
  • Do you need assistance with planning and migrating your data and services to the cloud?
  • Would you like to take full advantage of the Office 365 solutions and services that are included in your current licensing?

If you answered “yes,” it’s time to explore Yorktel’s Microsoft Strategic Consulting Services.

The Yorktel Difference

Microsoft Partnership Expertise – As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Yorktel has the technical resources to plan, deliver and manage all of Microsoft’s products and solutions in any combination to meet our customers’ specific business needs. Our keen understanding of the Microsoft environment helps organizations make intelligent decisions about how their Microsoft components interact for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Also, Yorktel holds partnerships with other Microsoft Certified Partners, providing an additional layer of industry expertise.

Value-Add Core Competencies – Yorktel Consultancy provides additional value-added core competencies, including cloud implementation and management, network assessments, system cost/feature analyses, asset management, and data and analytics analysis. These capabilities provide an unusual dimension of expertise to our Microsoft product integration projects.

Customizing the Mobile Modern Workplace – Yorktel’s Consultancy has the feet-on-the-street knowledge of Microsoft products, allowing us to assist clients in navigating the cultural impact of their new technologies in addition to the technology adoption itself. We recognize the benefits and pitfalls of each type of product installation and how they will impact your end-users. Our goal is yours – to meet your expectations, achieve your business goals, and maximize your new solution’s benefits to best accommodate your user base.

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