Enterprise IT leaders are under increasing pressure to support workforce demands for flexibility on where and how users work, while also optimizing performance, security, and cost of meeting rooms. Microsoft developed Microsoft Teams Rooms – Premium with the goal to simplify and streamline meeting room management and operations while enhancing meeting productivity. Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium delivers this through 24/7 proactive management, monitoring, and remediation of room operating system and software by Microsoft experts.

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Microsoft Teams Rooms Updates with Intelligent Operations

Software and machine learning that automates updates, problem detection, problem resolution and scales rooms efficiently.

  • Get 24x7x365 monitoring with Microsoft Rooms Premium for faster detection & troubleshooting
  • Full visibility into room health
  • Real-time alerts to notify you where and how to act
  • Automated remediation resolves certain incidents on your behalf

Microsoft Teams Rooms Management from Dedicated Experts

A team of experts who provide 24×7 service operations, tiered support, and incident resolution assistance.

  • Incident diagnosis with prescriptive guidance on cause and actions required
  • Automated and support engineer assistance on troubleshooting
  • Single point escalation support for all Microsoft Teams Rooms equipment vendors
  • Integration with ServiceNow

Enhanced Insights

Rich analytics, reporting and proven learnings at scale across many customers.

  • Proven learnings at scale from many customers who use Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Reports and dashboards on daily operations and room performance
  • Insights and recommendations on room usage and incident trend history

Why Yorktel

Free up your IT department to scale efficiently across multiple environments and geographies; allowing you to focus on core business. With our Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium services, we help reduce downtime and provide expert recommendations to allow you to get the best from your environment. Delight users by having the best in-room Microsoft experience from Microsoft Teams rooms, and by making sure they run at their operational best.

Yorktel’s Microsoft Teams consulting services provide full complementary services including: deployment services, onsite support, and Teams Enterprise Voice Managed Services.

Meet workforce demands with peace of mind.