Have a Say in Your Choice for Voice

Microsoft Office’s Bring Your Own Trunk (also called Direct Routing) provides a key advantage to Teams users, and Yorktel’s offering in particular holds a key differentiator.

Bring Your Own Trunk (BYOT) offers customers the option to continue using your selected SIP trunk or PSTN provider by connecting your own Session Border Controller (SBC) to Microsoft Teams / Office 365. This “Direct Connect” capability empowers you to choose who manages your voice traffic while dramatically simplifying your voice infrastructure.

Up and Running… the Same Day:

Yorktel’s Microsoft Teams Voice Service provides an additional advantage to BYOT end-users, going above and beyond Microsoft’s built-in benefits. Yorktel’s unique value-add offer to our customers includes a SBC that runs in our own Azure multi-tenant, purely cloud-based solution. Because the SBC is running entirely in Azure, there is no longer a need for network routing between your data center and Microsoft’s.

This flexibility generates tremendous cost-savings for customers because you’re not paying for the exclusive use of the hardware AND you only pay for what you use. If you generally are busier during your first and third quarters, you can ramp up when the time comes, then ramp down as needed, so you have the flexibility to expand or contract depending on your current business needs.

In addition, because Yorktel’s SBC is one hundred percent in the cloud, there is no on-premises infrastructure for customers to manage. There are no hosting fees, management contracts, or third-party hardware – all factors generating additional cost-savings.

Who Needs It?

  • Would you like to retain control over the telco aspect of your environment, choosing an alternative to Microsoft even though you’re a big fan of the Microsoft ecosystem in general?
  • Do you want the peace of mind knowing that your voice solution is entirely hosted and managed in the cloud, allowing you to avoid the hassles of on-premises equipment?
  • Would you prefer to avoid the costly expense of purchasing and maintaining your own SBC and enjoy the cost-savings of a purely cloud-hosted solution?
  • Would you benefit from consultative Change Management services to guide you along the transition to BYOT, end-to-end?

If you answered “yes” to any of these qualifying questions, it’s time to explore Yorktel’s Microsoft Teams Voice Service.

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