Microsoft Autopilot

Elevating Your Deployment Experience

Simplify Your Windows 10 Deployment

If you haven’t yet switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10, now is the time. Windows 7 has reached end-of-life, leaving organizations who haven’t adopted Windows 10 without security updates and support. The transition to Windows 10 should be meticulously planned and executed to minimize your organizational downtime and disruption.

Windows Autopilot is designed to address these transitional challenges directly. Autopilot enables a simpler, more powerful and intelligent IT experience by deepening integration across your Microsoft suite of products, creating a truly unified Microsoft 365 solution. Autopilot is not restricted to Windows 10 – it can help set up and preconfigure new devices and reset, repurpose and recover devices, saving your IT team time and effort.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Yorktel’s deep expertise in the Microsoft product realm can facilitate your adoption of Microsoft Autopilot, providing the guidance you need for a seamless planning, assessment, integration and user adoption experience.

Who Needs Yorktel’s Windows Autopilot?

  • Do you lack internal IT staff who are certified in the configuration of AutoPilot?
  • Or does your existing IT staff have the skills, but not the time?
  • Would you like help with integrating 3 rd party applications on new devices?
  • Would you be more comfortable having an external resource implement AutoPilot, to ensure it is deployed in a timely fashion?
  • Would you like to have the confidence of working with a Microsoft Certified Partner to manage your implementation and deployment?

If you answered “yes,” it’s time to explore Windows Autopilot.

The Yorktel Difference

Microsoft Partnership Expertise – As a Microsoft Certified Partner with Enterprise Mobility Management competency, Yorktel has the technical resources to plan, deliver and manage Microsoft Autopilot so your Windows 10 integration is seamless and pain-free. Our keen understanding of the Microsoft environment helps organizations make intelligent decisions about how their Microsoft components interact for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Also, Yorktel holds partnerships with other Microsoft Certified Partners, providing an additional layer of industry expertise.

Value-Add Core Competencies – Yorktel Consultancy provides additional value-added core competencies, including cloud implementation and management, network assessments, system cost/feature analyses, asset management, and data and analytics analysis. These capabilities provide an unusual dimension of expertise to our Microsoft product integration projects.

Mobilizing the Modern Workplace – Yorktel’s knowledge of Microsoft products allows us to assist clients in navigating the cultural impact of the project in addition to the technology adoption. We recognize the benefits and pitfalls of each type of product installation – for example, Windows Autopilot will provide a significant boost to your IT team, saving them tremendous time and effort in preparing and dispensing of new devices and software. Our goal is yours – to meet your expectations, achieve your business goals, and maximize your new solution’s benefits to best accommodate your user base.

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