Wall Systems

Wall Systems

Wall Systems Easy, clean and aesthetic

Video conferencing wall systems with software and hardware codec options can connect with peripheral medical devices. This compact solution is an alternative to mobile cart systems. Being vendor agnostic, Yorktel integrates with a variety of manufacturers to provide the best solution that fit your needs.

Yorktel has a wide range of fixed endpoints that can be customized to match the clinical use case. Building out and installing these endpoints include the physical hardware with technology hardware (codecs, cameras, monitors, speakers, microphones, PCs, keyboard/mouse, etc.), peripheral medical devices (if required), and the software to manage the telemedicine encounter.

61% of hospital systems are currently using a telemedicine model; with roughly 3.5% growth each year since 2014.  The levels of uncertainty around telemedicine has likewise dropped considerablyHIMSS Analytics Telemedicine Study 2016

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