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Business Analytics

Solid and detailed data allows for evidence-based decisions, and justifies the spend on your initiative. It speeds the time to intelligent decision making and overall time-to-value.

Yorktel Consultancy addresses post implementation questions surrounding your ROI:

  • Where is the information value in my Next Generation Workplace or upgrade, and why would I bother to measure it?
  • How do I measure information value in it?
  • What can I do to exploit its disruptive power?

With a multi-faceted approach, our Business Analytics platform provides the data you need to measure your implementation success, and make key business decisions with confidence.

  • Through 2020, over 95% of business leaders will continue to make decisions using intuition, instead of probability distributions, and will significantly underestimate risks as a result
  • By 2018, 25% of new mobile apps will talk to IoT devices
  • By 2018, 6 billion "things" will request support
  • By 2019, 30% of the top 100 life science R&D IT organizations will have successfully moved big data projects from proof of concept and pilots into production

Gartner Research, 2016-20

Tap into the data inherently available to bring your organization to the next level. The success company is always evolving; there is always a next level.

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