Envision What is Your Journey? Where is Your Destination?

You wouldn’t embark on a journey without a map or a GPS and an appropriate vehicle.  An enterprise endeavor requires the same planning. What will you encounter along the way? Are you choosing the best solution for the needs of your organization today, and for the road ahead? Let us help guide you on the right path.

Yorktel Consultancy will work with you as a trusted advisor, to transform your vision into an executable and measurable success. What works for one company may not work for another, as the variations in working styles, technical environments, and physical landscapes are vast.

Next Generation Workplace

The limitations of traditional offices spaces are increasingly clear as companies enable remote workers, seek ways to become more agile, and improve collaboration. A blend of physical and virtual workplaces gives the Next Gen worker autonomy and flexibility, while creating greater returns on productivity and talent retention. Our engagement team leverages information from your vision and thorough business mapping to develop strategies specific to your Digital Workplace initiatives.

Use Case Development & Persona Mapping

Defining ‘where’ and ‘how’ people interact is the first step to building your Enterprise Communications Roadmap. Yorktel Consultancy conducts a rigorous interview process within multiple stakeholders to collect a comprehensive set of business requirements Use Cases, and key features and capabilities needed. Additionally, your high-level vision of your technical objectives—such as mobile access, interoperability of existing or desired technologies—becomes a key factor in the planning process.

The Impact: the technology strategy aligns with business objectives.

Business Case & ROI Analytics

No worthy initiative moves forward without solid reasoning and analytics-based ROI. Yorktel’s Consultancy team converts your stakeholders feedback into a Business Case framework and ROI and Analytics model development. These models will help to support your Business Case by prioritizing investments and understanding risks.

The Impact: a solid project budget, clearly defined ROI for management to understand and support

Whether you have a vision of successful collaboration or need help creating one, Yorktel Consultancy starts your journey on the right foot. Contact us today.

Since more of our staff were working remotely, having assigned desks became inefficient. With our transition to a Next Generation Workplace, people seem a lot happier with the flexibility. You see it in their demeanor, and their contributions.
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