With your project vision in focus, and a solid reading on your current environment, Yorktel Consultancy is ready to build your detailed roadmap. No stone unturned, expert crafting of your plan ensures project success.

Design Engineering

As a vendor agnostic provider, we are only incented by designing a true best-of-breed solution for you. Yorktel’s engineering consultants are former architects and engineers, have over 50 years of combined experience implementing custom solutions, working architectural and facility concerns, deep knowledge of integration, room technologies and various vendor offerings. Leverage our consultant’s diverse background and outlook for well-balanced expertise, to find the right solution for your environment and objectives.

Their responsibilities as your single point-of-contact include ownership of delivery of the entire user/client experience solution, from the project quote, through detailed technical design to usability factors (functionality and user interface).

Impact: Provides clients with the confidence that our experts leave no stone unturned, and that project implementation will result in exceeded expectations.

A design is only as good as its delivery. See how Yorktel Consultancy can help you achieve post-implementation success!

Yorktel went beyond the typical vendor-customer relationship. Our partnership resulted in seeing users through each and every stage.
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