Deliver Post-Implementation Success

An upgrade to your technological tools and office environment is only as good as the usage it receives. Change is scary for many people; we’ve all seen the best laid plans and programs go virtually untouched due to the fear of the unknown. Yorktel understands the challenge and remains your partner through post-implementation to ensure not only user adoption, but user confidence and satisfaction.

Did you know? Yorktel Consultancy is available in 8 languages: German, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Adoption Programs

Your employees won’t engage with a tool they don’t know about! A tailored communications program will be developed by conducting a thorough analysis of your adoption practices. This program will define barriers and challenges to promoting user awareness, driving user adoption, increasing usage, and raising user satisfaction.

Could you see your team benefitting from…?

  • Quick reference cards
  • Awareness-building banners and posters?
  • Email campaigns
  • Various training and awareness collateral?

Impact: Awareness of all stakeholders with the right information encourages system use.

End User Training on Collaboration Tools

Studies show that the most successful collaboration tools are those in which continuous training occurs. Yorktel’s Comprehensive Training Program is a critical component to the success of your investment, and will ensure that it is adequately utilized. Our strategy makes certain that your users remain confident in their abilities successfully utilize the collaboration tools, lessening the burden on your IT department.

Could you see your team benefitting from…?


  • Instructor-led training (in classroom)
  • Instructor-led training (virtual, classroom, lunch & learn)
  • Live webinar
  • Lecture Hall; Town Hall with lunch & learn

Impact: Users understand the tools, and the resulting productivity delivers an ROI your CFO will love.


Yorktel Consultancy can strategically place end user support resources or Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) on-site globally. We provide high-level support on any new technologies or deployed services including during hypersensitive periods, technology deployment, or throughout the lifecycle of a service. Your IT department can remain focused on their daily tasks with the peace of mind that end users are receiving accurate information and high responsiveness.

Could you see your team benefitting from…?

  • Roving Support
  • Clinic Sessions
  • 1:1 training

Impact: Extends user adoption and enables the program to be fine-tuned based on staff usage feedback.

Evidence: Yorktel has provided Hypercare for over 6,000 endusers.

Keep your system healthy, on pace, and ready for what’s down the road with Yorktel Consultancy.

Introducing new tools has made our staff uncomfortable in the past—leading to months of handholding by IT. Now, with proper training, employees use the systems, not avoid them!
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