Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

What does “Collaborate” REALLY mean?   Broken down to “Co-Labor,” it means “Work Together”, and it extends beyond the people to the technologies, which also need to work together for effectiveness.

In today’s business place, the technologies connecting everyone are as diverse as the people themselves. Unified Communication spans the silos of video, voice, presence, email, BYOD and more, making true collaboration possible.   Your projects – and progress—can not be held up by the inability of a participant to connect.  The marketplace will simply move ahead without you.   Whether an internal meeting or with partners, suppliers, or the media, untethered communications are the key to efficient, meaningful collaboration.

Work untethered.  Go the distance.

Yorktel’s Unified Communications

Our history and core expertise in all video communication technology, combined with our highest levels of certifications ensure that your organization is streamlined so your people focus less on the meeting logistics and more on the meaningful outcomes.    Our Univago platform-as-a-service will get you there.



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