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Implementing Security Today: Starting with Zero Trust

Discover the steps you should take to implement a Zero Trust Security approach within your organization, helping protect you from cyber-attacks. It’s a very different approach to the traditional perimeter-based network perspective and is perfectly suited to an increasingly mobile workforce and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model.

Achieving the Pillars of Zero Trust

In this whitepaper, we show you how a Zero Trust “assumed breach” approach is an effective security model with the principle of “trust no one, verify everything.” 

We explain how to achieve each of these pillars:

  • Identity Authentication – A control plane for Digitial Transformation
  • Endpoint Management – Zero Touch IT, Device and Application Lifecycle Management
  • Security Analytics – A Single Pane of Glass for All Security Data and Alerts
  • Compliance – Management and Protection Within Compliance Standards and Regulations