You’ve done your research, interviewed experts, read industry blogs and crunched numbers ad infinitum. You recognize the numerous tactical AND strategic advantages of adopting a consultative advisor to assist with your Digital Transformation initiative. But where to start? Your IT team is maxed out and you need an expert you can trust.

Yorktel’s Consulting Services and IT Lifestyle Services provide the strategic guidance you need and the technologies that drive your business initiatives. Yorktel consultants collaborate with you, providing the expertise to support your Yorktel solution from initial assessment to final disposition.


The Yorktel Consultancy team is comprised of former business leaders with over 100 combined years of applied experience in complex and diverse areas of Enterprise Collaboration. Our global consultants provide strategic guidance to Fortune 1000 enterprises, Federal agencies, and public sector organizations.


Blending industry thought leadership, best practices, and a common consulting engagement methodology, Yorktel Consultancy empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of Digital Transformation and ultimately realize the benefits of true collaboration.

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Key Benefits of IT Lifecycle Services

Strategic Guidance Throughout Your Engagement

Yorktel’s 35 years of industry experience provides the solid groundwork for our IT Lifecycle Services across the vast number of products, tools and technologies that comprise today’s IoT. Our internal expertise and partnerships with industry leaders position us as trusted advisor, capable of crafting and executing the solution which best drives your Digital Transformation journey.

Yorktel Consultancy provides additional value-added core competencies, including Network Assessments, hardware installations, cloud implementation and management, system cost/feature analyses, asset management, and data and analytics analysis. These capabilities provide an unusual dimension of expertise to our projects.


Flexible and Appealing Financial Structure

Our Technology as a Service model for gives you the technology you need in an attractively predictable subscription-based structure. Our single point of contact eliminates the need for pricing negotiations with multiple vendors, buying in bulk to reduce costs, or working with individual suppliers when you need support.

The resulting savings can be diverted to revenue-generating initiatives or turned over to invest in additional technologies. In addition, the TaaS model frees up your IT team by reducing their daily workload, so they have time to focus on  other initiatives of your choice.

Multifaceted Consulting Spans Diverse Technologies

Yorktel’s TaaS offerings address a wide array of user needs, from individual device peripherals to comprehensive Unified Communications programs – all in the as-a-service model. Despite the diversity of these services, Yorktel’s Consultancy team provides the IT Lifecycle Services end-to-end for all our solutions and services.  From initial assessment, product and peripheral selection, integration, management, user adoption, training, and more, Yorktel Consultancy is flexible enough to provide the expertise you need for the technologies that drive your Digital Transformation.


Interested in how our Consultative expertise can provide you with the IT Lifecycle Services you need around the products and solutions you’ve acquired?

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