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Reliable, Available, and Maintainable

Yorktel has a broad offering of service and support programs specifically designed for Healthcare environments. As video conferencing is increasingly used to deliver patient care, health systems require services that ensure maximum uptime, reliability and performance of their equipment. Yorktel’s services range from preventative to proactive monitoring, and from consultation and training to staffing, support and repair.

Managed Services

Yorktel provides 24×7 digital monitoring of all of the devices in a video conferencing infrastructure as well as all of the Telehealth endpoints (carts and wall units). Dashboards show status of devices and endpoints in real time. Automated alerts are given when there are issues. Trouble tickets can be generated and sent to the Help desk responsible for troubleshooting and repairing the problem.


Yorktel’s Telehealth Support Program is a comprehensive support and repair offering designed to maintain maximum up-time and performance of the Telehealth endpoints under contract. Yorktel offers two Service plans specifically designed for clinical healthcare environments.

Staff Augmentation

Yorktel augments a customer’s IT organization with staff for short term or long term assignments. These experienced IT, AV and video conferencing support specialists provide expertise in program management, operations management and video conferencing equipment management.

Our Healthcare Customers


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