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Portable Telehealth Kits Because life happens everywhere

Faster care could save lives, so outfitting caregivers with portable, effective equipment is essential for healthcare. Yorktel takes this need seriously and has brought its 30+ years of video conferencing experience to healthcare to develop a telehealth solution that reaches beyond the clinical environment.

FeatherMed is an “on-the-go” telehealth kit for home care situations, emergency and crisis environments, as well as follow-up care situations with seniors, veterans, and chronically ill patients.

FeatherMed Benefits

  • Gives highly-portable audio and visual access to the remote clinician
  • Integrates easily into any healthcare delivery system
  • Extend the reach of specialist services in pre-hospital care situations
  • Expands telemedicine offerings

FeatherMed Features

  • Sleek, ergonomic, low-profile carrying case
  • Lighter than comparable solutions
  • Uses a proprietary video compression technology and enables HD, encrypted, jitter-free, face-to-face patient consultations
  • Bandwidth usage as low as 90 KB (compared to 700 KB required by other devices)

Looking for a wall system solution? We have a wide range of fixed endpoints that can be customized to match the clinical use case.


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